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panatha 01.09.2016 15:37

Areas in Solothurn (City)
Hi, my wife and I are looking to find an apartment in Solothurn and we are completely new to Switzerland.

We have seen quite a few apartments scattered across Solothurn (the city not the whole canton), and I was wondering if there is such a thing in Switzerland as a "bad" area so we can avoid it? I know the term bad is very vague.....I guess I probably mean it in the sense of council houses, unemployment, crime rates etc.

Any help would be much appreciated.

DCP 03.08.2020 12:20

Re: Areas in Solothurn (City)
Hi all,
I am now in a very similar situation: I am relocating from Ireland to Switzerland with my wife and 16 months old son and we have shortlisted few apartments in Solothurn city.
The problem is that, without knowing the city, we don't know if are there any areas that are less safe/livable than others.
Any help will be much appreciated,
thank you in advance :-)

panatha 03.08.2020 13:34

Re: Areas in Solothurn (City)

Since my post in 2016 we have been living in Solothurn in the same area/flat for nearly 4 years now.

Having lived in the UK previously, I would say that Solothurn (and probably Switzerland in general - not sure about Zurich) doesn't have any "bad" areas in the sense that we find in the UK or other countries. And as far as Solothurn goes I would say that there aren't really any "unsafe" areas. Sure there are areas nicer than others but that's just about it.

I can only speak from personal experience, but we are very happy (with two childrea 2 & 4) in our area which is just before Feldbrunnen towards the city (on the other side of the river from Zuchwil). We could also recomend you our children's Kita in case you are thinking of using daycare for your son. I probably wouldn't live somewhere in Solothurn West, Allmend or Bellach personally but it's not to say that it's unsafe there. Having kids I also wouldn't live directly in the city since in the summer especially there are loads of bars open. If it's your thing, there are also lots of small villages around but not with many things to do especially if your wife won't be working to start with as was the case with us.

If you have any more specific questions just let me know.

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