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szdro 20.03.2017 18:29

What happens when house owners become non-resident?
I'm not a citizen of EU/EFTA. I'm using permit B and plan to buy a house in Switzerland. I wonder what will happen when someday I'm no longer a resident of Switzerland. Is there anything I should worry about? Can I keep that property without selling it? Should I still file tax claim with authority after I become a non-resident? If not, what will happen to that Eigenmietwert?

I found this link online which says:

"Third-country nationals
You do not require a permit to buy a main residence (e.g. single-family house or owner-occupied flat) or building land where you live if you meet the following requirements:

* You hold a valid residence permit, generally a B permit for foreign nationals.
* You will live in that main residence for as long as you hold residence in that location.
* If you wish to build on the land that you have purchased, you must do so within one year.

You will require a permit in order to purchase the following types of apartment:

* Holiday apartment
* Housing unit in an apparthotel (hotel with flats)
* Second home

Not sure if I understand this correctly: "You do not require a permit to buy a main residence", the "permit" in that sentence does not mean residence permit right? Otherwise I couldn't imagine how a third-country nationals can be a resident without a permit.

That link says a third-country national can buy a property for main residence purpose, but what will happen when he/she becomes a non-resident?

Sbrinz 20.03.2017 20:56

Re: What happens when house owners become non-resident?
These people might have the answers, https://www.hev-zuerich.ch/angebot/rechtsberatung/

ivank 20.03.2017 21:48

Re: What happens when house owners become non-resident?
The law that restricts foreigners from buying regulates just that - the buying process. You're not obliged to sell if you leave the country or lose your permit. You'll have to pay tax on rent/fictional rent, yes, and AFAIK you'll have to appoint someone local to deal with authorities and utilies on your behalf with regards to the property if you leave the country.

Owning the property will not entitle you to enter the country or gain residency again at a later point.

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