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weetruffle 02.08.2017 17:30

Gardening Advice
I know this isn't strictly "housing" but I couldn't find another home for this question!
I'm trying to grow veg for the first time and between the slugs and the battering rain, the only thing I've managed so far are 4 tomatoes and a pepper.
I need help. Does anyone know someone who provides a "gardening agony aunt service"??

meloncollie 02.08.2017 17:34

Re: Gardening Advice
There are many green-thumbed gardening agony aunts and uncles right here on EF:


I'm sure you'll get lots of useful info if you ask specific questions on this thread.

Happy gardening!

(Re: Slugs. We all feel your pain...)

weetruffle 02.08.2017 17:36

Re: Gardening Advice
oh yay! thank you!

PaddyG 02.08.2017 17:39

Re: Gardening Advice
MrsG buries plastic cups filled with beer next to her veggies. Excellent slug trap.

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