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manu3d 14.09.2017 16:31

Purchased House - Mängelliste specialist
Greetings everybody.

About two years ago we bought a brand new house here in Basel. We are now approaching the two-year mark and we will be meeting with the seller/developer to discuss the Mängelliste, inclusive of some old items that haven't been resolved yet and some things we found out only more recently.

Both my wife and I are foreigners and our understanding of German, especially in written contracts and legal matters, is limited.

We would like to hire a Mängelliste specialist to be at the meeting with us. Somebody who can advise us on the relevant laws and help us push back if the developer is being unreasonable.

Can anybody recommend a specialist in this field? In the Basel area ideally?

The developer has also warned us that they will decide the date of the meeting and we need to make sure somebody will attend, because given the great number of owners they cannot afford to find a mutually agreeable date with us.

Practically this will probably not be a problem, but is this something they can actually impose on us, I wonder?

Kind regards,


Phil_MCR 14.09.2017 17:02

Re: Purchased House - Mängelliste specialist
Let me know if you find one. A friend who bought in Zurich said this was well worth it and the adviser found a lot of stuff they didn't spot!

manu3d 14.09.2017 17:04

Re: Purchased House - Mängelliste specialist
Can you find the contacts for their adviser, just in case we do not find a Basel-based one?

aSwissInTheUS 14.09.2017 17:09

Re: Purchased House - Mängelliste specialist
Join the "Dark Side" (from the renters point of view ;)) they have free cookies and such specialists.


(The cookie is a lie. So is the cake.)

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