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jaychou 19.09.2017 00:27

Lausanne - Looking for temporary place
Hi everyone

I will be moving to Lausanne this September 27th. As a lot of you guys probably know, you need to register to the commune with an address in order to be able to work legally.

I approached a few people on AirBnB in an attempt to find a place for about a week. However, so far, all of them refuse to fill in the form "Attestation du logeur", which I need in order to go register at the commune office.


Would anyone of you know of someone who could help me with a place or any tips? (I would pay of course). Trying to avoid hotels for now as they are 2x more expensive than AirBnB.


Tox_Rat 19.09.2017 10:17

Re: Lausanne - Looking for temporary place
You are asking people who are offering temporary tourist accommodation to sign a document attesting to the fact that you live there. I'd run a mile too.

The usual solution to this is to either rent a furnished apartment short-term or move straight into shared (e.g. student) accommodation, depending on your life stage. Then you register, get your work/residency permit and only then do you start hunting for your new home if you still want an apartment of your very own. Lausanne has a >99% occupancy rate, so this last process can take a while; 2-3 months would not be unusual.

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