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PiaWM 28.11.2017 10:33

Noisy pipes

I pay a quite high rent to be living in a newly renovated apartment on the top floor of the building. I specifically chose this place to avoid noise from neighbors etc., and in the summer it is great. However, when the heat is turned on in the winter, there are a lot of noises from the pipes (like clicking or thumbing noises). Especially at night, where the noises are almost constant so I have to sleep with music/headphones.

My regie has tried to empty the air from the pipes but to no avail. I am still hoping we will find a solution, but I am wondering what my rights are: Is the regie required to fix the noise? If they don't, does that entitle me to end the contract?

Any tips or help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


gata 28.11.2017 10:51

Re: Noisy pipes
I had exactly the same problem. I complained to the regie and they sent the heating people to look at it. Nothing changes so i complained again and this time, whatever they did worked. My regie is really good though. Im sure other wont relly care, especially if nobody else complains

PiaWM 28.11.2017 11:10

Re: Noisy pipes
Thanks, Gata. That will help keep my spirits up : ) I also have a good regie and they seem to be trying. But they have had people come over to look at it a number of times, and so far no improvement. So I am getting a bit concerned.

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