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Tom1234 22.05.2020 11:35

Re: Building vs renovation in Switzerland

Originally Posted by Focus (Post 3183697)
I hope you do not mind but I thought I should ad a little more. When I first moved here I tried to haggle with almost everything(I am Canadian) My wife explained to me that people do not haggle here. A little more now though.

I have been working as a coach for 23 years in Switzerland.(please, not trying to promote) I would offer my rate to Swiss and the answer would be yes or no. When I have made offers to expats they would try to haggle. It is nice with the Swiss.

So my son has had to deal with expats who to try to haggle , to get the price down. or they ask a great many questions to get information to see if they can do it themselves or use it against other contractors. There have been those who do not pay their invoices to the full amount. There are those who are very difficult. My son is a nice guy and many people take advantage of that. He has made extensive offers, which takes a lot of time and the potential customer is only using it as a bargaining tool.

So maybe try to understand why some of these tradesmen can be difficult.

I don't haggle. When someone gives a ridiculously high quote - I just say no, walk away and give them no chance to reduce it.

It works both ways.

hommedelettres 24.06.2020 10:40

Re: Building vs renovation in Switzerland
Any professional architect running a project will seek a minimum of three quotes for each trade, and then offer each contractor the chance to adjust their quote in relation to the others. The first quote has the second reduction built into it. Maybe private individuals are less likely to haggle, but professionally it is how the trade works.

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