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RoseGlow 20.02.2019 08:52

Finding new tenant - advertise for free
I'm leaving an apartment in Geneva and needed to find a new tenant.

This is where you can advertise for free.

90% candidates came from Anibis and Facebook (note this is for Geneva), but here is the full list of places to advertise for free I found.

Anibis - Lots of responses.
Facebook - look for the groups for finding apartments and place your add there - Lots of responses.
FlatFox - very few responses.
petitesannonces - very few responses.
newhome.ch - very few responses.
tutti.ch - no responses.x
worldradio - no responses.

foice 10.03.2019 00:27

Re: Finding new tenant - advertise for free
Also in Geneva:
  • Anibis has made tens of contacts for me
  • Glocals has made 5-6 contacts for me
  • petites annonces has made 1 contact for me

did not try the others but Anibis seems to be most effective, though you need to write it in french, otherwise Glocals will generate more traffic.

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