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Harrie Nak 23.07.2019 10:03

Final cleaning on weekends?
Mrs and I will get the key of our new apartment on Friday 27 Sept. This means we will have to move our stuff over on Friday and potentially also Saturday (morning), before handing back our current apartment on Monday 30 Sept.

Does anyone know whether companies also offer the final cleaning to be done on weekends (Saturday or even better Sunday)?

Also, can anyone recommend a company for this (Zurich)?

azt33 23.07.2019 10:22

Re: Final cleaning on weekends?
I got my final cleaning done on Saturday. I think Sunday is a no-go, but Saturday should not be a problem.

I can share the company I used - they were very affordable and also give a "guarantee", very thorough and they were done quite fast. Please PM me if you want more info :)

Harrie Nak 23.07.2019 10:45

Re: Final cleaning on weekends?
Maybe you can reply with the company name here? Others might be interested in knowing the same.

Thanks! :)

Guest 23.07.2019 10:46

Re: Final cleaning on weekends?
I guess Iíll depends wholly on what premium you willing to pay for weekend work and what the cleaning company feels is fair for weekend work.

Look for family/small company as they are allowed to work weekends and should be a bit cheaper.

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