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ion 23.07.2019 16:46

Radio-TV via cavo (Spese - Nebenkosten)
Hi all,

I am living in Lugano (if that matters) and I have a question regarding the extra costs (Spese-Nebenkosten) of my rent.

I am renting an apartment which includes extra costs and at the end of the year there is a "conguaglio", where the costs are adjusted and I might have to pay something extra.

My rent on this apartment started on 8/2017.
These days I received the bill about the "conguaglio" of 2017 (!!) and I see that I have to pay some extra costs. 180 CHF is for Radio-TV via cable (for 5 months).
The thing is that I am not using any network (tv,internet,radio) I don't have any connection and I do not want to pay all this amount of money.
I read in the forum that I can ask through a registered letter to be exempted from these costs since I don't use this service.
But I was not even aware all this time there existed this cost. I now checked the contract and it states that it's included in the costs but I never considered that back then it would be more than 400CHF per year (and no one asked me if I need it). If I knew it earlier I would have asked to be exempted earlier.

What is your opinion on the matter?
1. Do I have the right to not pay anything at all, not even the 2017 costs.
2. Do I have the right to not pay starting from 2018 and after. Since I just received the bill for the 2017 costs and I became aware of it (although 2018 has already ended).
3. Will I be forced to pay the complete amount until now 8/2019, when it eventually comes, and I only have the right to be exempted from now.

I am about to contact my agency but I need to know my rights before.
I could easily accept the 2nd scenario, since it was written in the contract and it is my problem in a sense, but there is no way I would like to accept the 3rd scenario just because they decided to send me the conguaglio after 20 months. (I mean what if they decided to send it after 40 months...)

Thank you in advance!
(First post in the forum :) )

st2lemans 23.07.2019 16:54

Re: Radio-TV via cavo (Spese - Nebenkosten)
#3 is the only option.


ion 23.07.2019 16:57

Re: Radio-TV via cavo (Spese - Nebenkosten)

Originally Posted by st2lemans (Post 3085257)
#3 is the only option.


Thanks for the answer Tom,

So, do you think that there is no plausible time limit in which the agency should send the conguaglio? Could they send it even 4 years that I am planning to leave the house? And then I would be forced to pay anything?
Is 20 months a common period? Should it not be done in a few months after the end of the year?

aSwissInTheUS 23.07.2019 17:20

Re: Radio-TV via cavo (Spese - Nebenkosten)

Originally Posted by ion (Post 3085258)
So, do you think that there is no plausible time limit in which the agency should send the conguaglio?

Yes there is one. It is 5 years from the date it was due. If they send it later you will have to contests it based on the fact it was sent too late.

Be aware, the same applies to you as a renter. If you pre-paid too much auxiliary charges you might not recover them after 5 years!
If you do not get a final bill after one year get help from the renters arbitration court.

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