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garnet 12.02.2020 17:09

2 quick questions about ending subtenancy in Zürich
Hi everyone!

Brief background:
I am subletting a furnished room in an apartment in Zürich (city). I gave notice to the main tenant (with whom I have a signed contract) yesterday informing her that I will be moving out on 1. March, but am aware that, unless I find a suitable replacement, I am on the hook to pay until 15. March because our agreed Kündigungsfrist (notice period) is 1 month.

Question 1:
The main tenant claims that I actually have to pay until 1. April because of Zürich rules which state that agreements always expire at the end of the month following the month in which the termination notice is given. Our contract makes no mention of Kündigungstermine (termination dates) and I have been unable to find a clear answer on any official cantonal websites. I have colleagues who have terminated agreements for furnished rooms mid-month. Is the main tenant right? :confused:

Question 2:
The main tenant posted an ad stating that the room is not free until 1. April, even though I will vacate on 1. March. However, she previously agreed to try to find someone as soon as possible. I have posted my own ads to try to expedite the process, but I worry that she will refuse to let anyone move-in before April, forcing me to pay the full month. Is it legal to refuse all suitable replacements?

Thank you in advance for your advice! This is my first time posting, but English Forum has been an amazing resource for me over the last year as I planned and executed my move to Switzerland and I want to thank you all!! :)

Guest 12.02.2020 17:50

Re: 2 quick questions about ending subtenancy in Zürich
Furnished rooms have a cancellation period of 14 days unless agreed otherwise.

And unless agreed upon otherwise a cancellation only can be done after whole months. Meaning if your rent started at the beginning of a month it also only can end at the beginning of a month (same goes for beginning or the middle of a month)

Meaning if your rent started at the end of a month your "landlord" is correct.

LuganoPirate 12.02.2020 18:04

Re: 2 quick questions about ending subtenancy in Zürich
If the contract runs from the middle of the month to the middle, then it is legal.
Another question, is the sublet legal. If the lady is renting the apartment then she could be on dodgy grounds for subletting. Ask to see her agreement.

If she is the owner it's somewhat different as she can do what she likes with her own home.

Assuming all is in order, and it's a sublet, she's under no obligation to find another tenant. Having said that, you may be entitled to leave by the end of February as EdwinNL has pointed out.

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