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Caryl 19.02.2020 19:39

Evicting a tenant
I have owned a flat in Valais for over a decade. I've rented it out for years, most recently to an elderly Swiss who paid rent for 4 years or so, and then last August stopped. My agents kept telling me that they were responding as fast as the law allows. There was finally a court hearing on 12th February which I attended. The judge gave the tenant until 30th March to vacate (actually his stuff was all removed in a van the week of 4th February). I plan to occupy the flat myself and rent it out through an AirBnB-type agency (but better than AirBnB: they have cleaners and meeters-and-greeters) when I don't need it.

The question: Does it really take 6 months to evict a tenant for non-payment? I assume that the judgment I get for back rent will be uncollectible and that much of the deposit will go towards cleaning and legal expenses and more fees that the agent thinks up.

Guest 19.02.2020 20:44

Re: Evicting a tenant
It easily takes half a year, first a debt needs to be build up than you'll send some letters, than you can cancel but have to respect the cancellation period, if they are still in after that or it is unreasonable to await the cancellation period you have to go to court which also is never done the next day after requesting such case and they will also give somebody some time to pack up and leave.

Don't forget to take up the state of the house and have proper proof of any damages that should be paid by the renter. Just add it all on one pile and start Betreibung for the money. They might not have money now, but they might have money in 10 or 20 years.

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