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SisterMagpie 22.02.2020 00:04

Subletting temporary in Zürich?
Hi all!

We are thinking of taking a longer holiday, and to make it possible we also thought to sublet our apartment in Zürich. Just wondering what kind of experiences people have, has everything gone well?

Also we are not certain should we sublet part of our home or the whole home, since one room could be used as a storage for our own stuff. Anyone had success in this kind of agreement?

And how to find the subtenants? There is UMS (ums.ch) but they take heaping 20% on top of rent and Nebenkosten, and that would make the rent rather steep... I found a thread where people had good experiences with them though, but I find it hard to believe we would find someone wanting to pay that much more. Has anyone had recently success with them?

Any answers much appreciated! :D

kri 22.02.2020 04:07

Re: Subletting temporary in Zürich?

Yes we did this successfully. Posted the home homegate.

You need to respect the following:
1) Cannot make a profit. If you rent furnished you can rent at higher rent but has to be reasonable (up to 10% is what I was quoted)
2) you need to inform the Verwaltung of who you are subletting to and the conditions of the contract (we just sent them a copy)
3) It has to be limited in time (there is no time limit but you cannot do a contract without a time.limit as one of the conditions of the sublet is that you intend to return).

Yes you can rent it out with one room locked - we kept the cellar - just reduce the rent accordingly.

Additionally we made sure we had:
1) The bank guarantee same amount as the one we have with the Verwaltung in a blocked bank account
2) legal insurance to protect the sublet contract in case things went wrong

Nothing much went wrong so far but we have not yet returned :)

Any questions ask here or PM

SisterMagpie 22.02.2020 10:36

Re: Subletting temporary in Zürich?
Thanks Kri!

Good to hear, I keep thumbs up for all being fine for your return :)

How much earlier did you post before finding someone suitable?

Landlord is informed and profit making is not the target for us. Actually we are thinking of not renting this one room to reduce the rent price, to make it more affordable, since we worry not to find (good) interested renters. Problem might be that our rent is kinda high compared to others on market (furnished apartments for short time rental), even when we would not add anything for furnitures. Location is great and we love our home – but for short time rental it might come down to price. For us the main thing is to cover at least most of the rent.

Also time is limited to 3 months. The reason we looked into UMS is that via them we would not need to get guarantee deposit from the renter, also they have an extra insurance to cover possible damages.. which sounds reassuring! But 25% in total on top of rent.. :confused: Here is link to their page: https://www.ums.ch/info-landlord/insurance/

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