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Capitan Harlock 22.04.2020 15:39

Subletting & find a new apartment - need some tips
So this is the situation: me, the lady and the baby live in a cozy 1-bedroom apartment (Canton Geneva). As the baby is now growing (6 months) we desperately need a second bedroom. Our rent contract is pretty standard, I can leave only with 3 months' notice before the expiration of the contract (February '21) or if I find a new tenant to take my current rent before.

I have a few questions for the forum, as reading in many topics around here did not answer all my questions:
- Do I have to notify my regie if I start looking for potential new renters for my current apartment? Or can I put the advert on the various websites without notice?
- What should I ask to the potential new renters? Last three paychecks, the certificate of non porsuite (or whatever is called) and which permit they hold?
- If I find 3 suitable potential renters, my regie must take one or I risk to get stuck with my apartment if they refuse all three?
- Should I wait that the regie approves one of the new renters before making any offer for a new apartment for me? Or can I sign a new contract even if I only have found the 3 renters and sent their dossiers to the regie?
- As my cat did some damage to the walls, do the house needs to be restored before the new tenant arrives (as it would happen if I terminate the contract) or they just get in and keep the damage? The damage is very small but the regie will want it solved for sure, insurance will cover but... I guess the deep cleaning needs to be done regardless.

Our plan at the moment is to start looking as soon as the COVID-19 limitations get fully lifted (June). My fear is that there will be less competition for any new apartment we might seek but, on the other hand, less potential renters for our current apartment (I would also add that currently I pay 1700 CHF + 200 of charges + 220 of garage that comes with the house/lease. The apartment is 3.5 (Geneva standards so 1 bedroom, living room, big kitchen, bathroom, cave in the anti nuclear shelter).

So should we start listing our current apartment first, notify the regie first, start looking for a new place first? The latter I would not as usually you have very limited time to make a decision to get the apartment and I would like to have somewhat sorted the current apartment situation.

Many thanks!

KiwiSteve 22.04.2020 17:26

Re: Subletting & find a new apartment - need some tips
You can advertise your present flat without telling the Regie. An advert can be placed without giving the the exact address. Just make sure that you mention that you are looking for someone to take over the lease - I understood that it is three months notice at the moment but fixed max term until Feb 2021? This sounds to be less good than if it is three months notice after a minimum term until Feb 2021.
A lot depends on how desirable your present flat is. The regie cannot turn down who you find without "reasonable cause". The documents you mention sound good.
In our experience it was possible to find people to take over our flats, but maybe we were just lucky.

Capitan Harlock 23.04.2020 08:20

Re: Subletting & find a new apartment - need some tips
My lease is 1 year automatically renewed and I need to send a notice 3 months before the automatic renewal (15th of Feb, so by the 15th of Nov).

The apartment is in good condition, there is a constant flow of people moving in and out of the building so it seems the apartment are liked.

Thanks for the tip!

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