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thewonderstuff 11.06.2020 21:56

Lancy - what is the area like?
Hi all!

I am a PhD student who is looking to rent for a few months; the room which I have had a (virtual!) tour around is in Lancy, in Geneva canton. However, due to the Covid situation, I can't travel to get a feel for the area. Could anyone give me an idea of what it's "like", in terms of safety and general utilities?

I realise it's a fair way out from the Univerity of Geneva itself - which doesn't bother me, particularly, as it's temporary and I love to cycle!

Apologies if this is the wrong area of the forum; I didn't quite know where it would fit.

blackbird 11.06.2020 22:09

Re: Lancy - what is the area like?
Lancy is a industrial suburb of geneva with the stadium and lots of traffic.

runningdeer 11.06.2020 22:19

Re: Lancy - what is the area like?
Like a lot of things, depends on what part. Closer to Carouge is more village feel, most of the rest is quite industrial, large offices, etc. Further out is La Praille and Plan les Ouates which are very industrial. La Praille is like a big shopping mall if that is your thing. Like a lot of GVA, there is likely to be significant French commuter traffic, particularly if near main road artery.

bowlie 12.06.2020 08:56

Re: Lancy - what is the area like?
Geneva public transport is quite good. You likely can be in the University area(s) in 15 to 20 Minutes. Also a frequent bus to the airport avoiding the city centre.


atm82 12.06.2020 10:25

Re: Lancy - what is the area like?
Having lived right on the border of Lancy (spitting distance to the tower blocks), the residential part is perfectly pleasant with very good (multiple trams, buses and train) transport links to Town/University. For nightlife, you may need to take the tram a few stops into Carouge/Planpalais though.

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