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Samaire13 25.06.2020 23:07

Small flies (mosquitoes?) invasion
Hi there

Not quite a classic housing issue, but posting here anyway.

For the past two weeks my balcony has quite literally been invaded by these tiny black flies or mosquitoes. Hundreds of them. I've lived here for 4 years, i.e. this is my 4th summer here and I've never had this issue. They only come at night when the lights are on (inside), I've had a few maybe in the past, but never like this.

Any thought why that could be and, most importantly, how I get rid of the damn things? (Vinegar didn't do the trick) Not even sure what they are...

Thanks :)
Cheers, S

curley 25.06.2020 23:55

Re: Small flies (mosquitoes?) invasion
Could be "Gewittertierchen", see here in German. They are not all the same kind apparently but can't blame you not seeing any difference as they're so tiny. :D They are part of the aeroplankton and are being pushed down when it's sweltry.

Their correct name is "Fransenflügler" (thysanopterans). They leave as quickly as they come. If you can't wait you can hoover them up :eek: (remember the poor buggers didn't visit you voluntarily) or whipe them off with a damp microfiber clothe.

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