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MartykIre 17.11.2020 01:19

Hope this ok to post here!

moving from Ireland this week to start a new job with Biogen. will be based in solothurn for the first few weeks but then will have to find my own accommodation. Any here offer insight into living there full time or would i be better going for Basel or bern? Any help much appreciated


komsomolez 17.11.2020 22:42

Re: where to live
St. Moritz

NickGB 18.11.2020 07:54

Re: where to live
I recently came back from holiday in Santorini. It's really nice.

doropfiz 18.11.2020 09:30

Re: where to live
Hello, and welcome to the Forum.

It seems you've duplicated your thread. I hope a friendly mod will soon be along, to merge them for you.

Solothurn is a lovely place in itself. Perhaps you could tell us a bit about what kind of things you like to do in your free time, interests for evenings and weekends, so folk could post if they have suggestions, accordingly.

doropfiz 18.11.2020 09:31

Re: where to live
Hi and welcome to the Forum.


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