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Raim 30.11.2020 16:46

Ceiling lights help
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Hi All,

I just moved to a new house and there are no light fixtures etc to fix the bulbs. I struggled initially to find the holders but later found them in jumbo.

I was able to fix in two rooms as it was straight forward, two wires (one blue and one brownish) . However, its the third rooms which gives me a trouble . It contains weird looking plastic fixtures (let's call them PF) at the end of the wires. Two blue wires goto one of the PF's and the other brown goes to another PF . I have taken the one on brown wire out and attached screenshot of the same. I have also attached screenshot of the lamp socket I bought that I am planning to attach. I also have another plastic fixture that came with the lamp holder picture of that is attached as well.

Ato 30.11.2020 16:54

Re: Ceiling lights help
Looks like it might be for two wire into one on the blue side. So stick your blue in there. It also looks like it is a screwless wire clamp of sorts, can you pull it appart in the opposite direction of the arrow?

So instead of sticking all the wires in the supplied connector, just stick your new wires in the existing ones and click them together.

Other option is to cut the connectors off and use your supplied one.

Raim 30.11.2020 17:41

Re: Ceiling lights help
Thanks for your reply, I realised that its sort of clamp. I just need to push hard enough and that will arrest the cable like a clamp.

aSwissInTheUS 30.11.2020 17:57

Re: Ceiling lights help
Those clamps should have a hole on the other side into which you can feed in the wire from the lamp.

It is important that the two blue wires are connected to each other using the "PF".

You will not need the provided "Lüsterklemme" (The terminal block with the screws) as you have your "PF".

Here how to use your "PF"

newtoswitz 30.11.2020 18:12

Re: Ceiling lights help
There's also usually a plastic clip attached to the cable of your simple fitting, and a long screw into the ceiling somewhere above the wires - attach the clip to the screw.

Alternatively screw a thin piece of wood or plastic across the two holes we see in the photo (I assume they are threaded wall plugs), and then attach the clip to that.

Don't leave the light hanging off the electrical connections.

ps. don't cut the connectors off the in-ceiling wires, every time someone does that they get shorter and hard to reach! If it's a push fit connector, twisting while pulling usually works.

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