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âkkibhatt 07.04.2021 23:50

Kitchen Faucet handle broken
Any tips if I can procure just the kitchen faucet handle and replace without having to buy the whole faucet and/or assembling the whole stuff.
Anyone overcame the similar challenge?


swisspea 08.04.2021 00:11

Re: Kitchen Faucet handle broken
post a picture....most likely it's a cheap Ikea one...

evop 08.04.2021 00:29

Re: Kitchen Faucet handle broken
A picture or more graphic explanation would help a lot. For many double-handle faucets handles can be bought separately (especially on a secondary market).

A wild guess, that this may help: https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_nkw...cement&_sop=12

BTW is it a single-handle faucet? What exactly is broken (a handle itself is broken in half, a fixture problem, a valve malfunction etc.)? If you need just any handle for a double-handle faucet, then you can source a handle from [any public bathroom - not advised] a flee market or DIY it from anything.

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