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HappyCreature 30.04.2021 18:39

pension withdrawal vs pledging for house purchase
Tried to search using the title of this thread but could not find anything.

basically I would like to know the differences between withdrawing money from the occupational pension fund vs only pledging the pension fund to put down the deposit for a house purchase. I know both options are possible but never got around advantages or disadvantages of one option over the other.

I can assume that withdrawing the money from the pension fund means you lose certain benefits (not sure what they are) of the pension fund because you are taking the money out of the pension fund whereas pledging should only mean that the seller has claim to it.

can somebody please summarise the differences between the 2 options?

Thanks in advance

newtoswitz 30.04.2021 19:37

Re: pension withdrawal vs pledging for house purchase

Use the Google powered search and there are loads of other threads:


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