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Phil_MCR 04.06.2021 15:59

Pipeline heat supply
Looking on GIS, I saw that an area was shaded indicating: "Rohrleitungsgebundene Wärmeversorgung. Gebiete, in denen sich Teilbereiche mit hoher Wärmedichte zur Versorgung mit leitungsgebundenen Energieträgern (Erdgas/Wärmeverbunde) eignen"

Google translate gave me: "Heat supply areas: Pipeline heat supply. Areas in which sub-areas with high heat density are suitable for the supply of piped energy sources (natural gas / heat networks)"

Which didn't enlighten me as to what this meant. I was hoping to see where gas lines are to see whether gas was available at the property. I didn't see any so assumed none available, but was confused what this shaded area indicated. Anyone know?

I might have spoken too soon, it seems GIS might show only the major gas arteries and not the detailed local level.

amogles 04.06.2021 16:47

Re: Pipeline heat supply
In my experience the exact locations and topologies of district heating distribution lines are not generally published in any easily reconcileable fashion. But there are maps that show by way of shading which areas have coverage.

In case of doubt i would email the heating provider for your area.

I guess the situation for gas is similar, although i have never taken an interest in that myself.

jaudi 04.06.2021 19:03

Re: Pipeline heat supply
You might lookup Fernwarme, or try

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