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rc4 16.08.2008 10:58

Is this area noisy?
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I'm looking for a room in Lausanne, and there is an offer around the area in the picture below. I can't visit the flat since I'm not in Lausanne now. Everything seems good except the location. I'm afraid it would be noisy because there is a road and also railway nearby.

Could someone give me some advice? Will the noise be tolerable in a common sense? Are there trains passing by during the night?


J.L-P 16.08.2008 11:31

Re: Is this area noisy?
Location, location, location.

Guest 16.08.2008 11:50

Re: Is this area noisy?
Is that anywhere near the Rue de Crissier?

I don't know Lausanne very well, but I know that street, since that is where my cousin Ferdinand has his Hell Raiser's Club.

They only meet twice a week, in one of the apartments on the west side of the road, but the police are called on a regular basis, it is not unknown for military helicopters to circle the area, and, on one occasion, the bishop of Fribourg was brought in to perform an exorcism.

The lads do tend to keep themselves to themselves, but the clamour, the organic substances left on the pavement, and the occasional release of noxious gases from their clubhouse can be something of an annoyance to the neighbours.

Other than that, the road is quite busy and the railway is on one of the main trans-helvetic routes, but most apartments have double glazing, and my experience has taught me that you can get used to anything.

Happy house hunting!

TOPO 16.08.2008 12:12

Re: Is this area noisy?
Trains Trains Trains and more Trains. And then, all the people rushing to the trains. And then, all the people standing around drinking beer and smoking next to the train station trying to pick up while they all wait for their trains.

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