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Asking Fora Friend 21.06.2022 18:14

Refilling - Heating Gas/ Mazout
Hi All,

We'll be leaving our rental place in the Nyon area soon and need to refill our heating fuel tanks with Mazout (about 4,000 L) -- obviously deeply concerned about what the bill will look like with the way gas prices have been going :msnsick: . Just crummy timing --- Any suggestions on how to manage this?

I see that committing to a futures purchase would've helped, but my time machine is now broken! Any (other) suggestions would be appreciated

Asking Fora Friend 21.06.2022 18:33

Re: Refilling - Heating fuel/ Mazout
Forgive the typo in the title meant "heating fuel"

JackieH 21.06.2022 18:47

Re: Refilling - Heating Gas/ Mazout
Ouch- bad timing. I am afraid there are no miracles- and we are all on tenterhooks!

The market is very volatile, and anything can happen. 159 for 100 litres at the moment, or whereabouts.


Just ordered a lot of wood for the wood-burner and the price has gone up hugely too. 130.- per stere (cubic metre), dry ready for use cut in 33cm lenghts. Last time bought some we paid 80.-

Verbier 22.06.2022 11:49

Re: Refilling - Heating Gas/ Mazout
Unfortunately I can't offer any great news.

There is a tiny bit of competition between Migros and Coop (I don't follow the others) that might help, but the emphasis is on tiny. I would suggest you have someone who speaks FR make the call. Coop has been more attractive on the pricing for us.

Your tank size is not huge so that will not help you but at least you can get a delivery (the normal min. is about 800-1000L). You might want to ask the neighbours if they participate in a buying group. Volume (delivered at the same time) can help with the pricing, even if the delivery is to 2-4 addresses close together.

Sometimes prices can be a bit softer in the summer if you can order then. This year there will be no "summer discount".

Given the Ukraine situation, I would bite the bullet and order now before things potentially get worse.

hans1 22.06.2022 13:08

Re: Refilling - Heating Gas/ Mazout
I feel your pain, still have 500l left in our tank and need to fill up asap. I don't expect the price to come down this year at all, so might as well bite the bullet.

Asking Fora Friend 22.06.2022 13:12

Re: Refilling - Heating Gas/ Mazout
Yeah - this was something we walked blindly into never having had to purchase heating fuel before. Of course, we couldn't have predicted the war and its timing/ impacts either...

It's a good recommendation on speaking with the neighbors-- I hadn't realized bulk purchases were possible. Fingers crossed!

Thank you all :)

JackieH 22.06.2022 13:14

Re: Refilling - Heating Gas/ Mazout
Good luck. Our group has 30.000 litres on hold- the guy in charge made a big mistake not to buy this Spring, thinking it would come down. Can't blame him, he is just a neighbour and has normally always got us all a very competitive price.

We have swtiched off heating altogether, and relying on solar panels for the Hot water. Will be using wood and be very careful next winter- and hopefully the 6000 litres we have now will keep us going for next season.

dandi 22.06.2022 14:55

Re: Refilling - Heating Gas/ Mazout
Have you discussed this with the landlord? If you have given your leave notice you may want to make an arrangement with them.

There can be several solutions:
- you buy the whole tank now and recover the money for the remaining fuel from the landlord when you leave. You may want to discuss the price now.
- you together with the landlord buy the whole tank now and you find a way to split the bill
- you buy only the fill quantity you need for the remaining period - but you will have difficulty finding a supplier and will pay over the market price for a small quantity.

So, talk to your landlord and your neighbours

Asking Fora Friend 22.06.2022 18:33

Re: Refilling - Heating Gas/ Mazout
Also a good idea to speak with the landlord-- although I am bracing for him just to tell me "tough luck. sorry."

Never hurts to try.... :)

JackieH 22.06.2022 18:54

Re: Refilling - Heating Gas/ Mazout
Bonne chance- get back to us and tell us how you got on, and at what price.

dandi 22.06.2022 20:26

Re: Refilling - Heating Gas/ Mazout

Originally Posted by Asking Fora Friend (Post 3418349)
Also a good idea to speak with the landlord-- although I am bracing for him just to tell me "tough luck. sorry."

Never hurts to try.... :)

It can't really be "tough luck" with this kind of money.... When we cleaned out of out last place we even got back the few francs we had remaining in the laundry automat. When you do your handover the remaining fuel should theoretically be carefully measured, made difference to what you received when you moved in and taken into calculation with all the other repairs, cleaning, etc that have to be done when you move out. It's the same with the electricity, water bill etc.

But to prevent haggling then best would be to talk about it now.

JackieH 22.06.2022 21:12

Re: Refilling - Heating Gas/ Mazout
A bit like car rentals, depending if you took it on full, or 'empty' or with how much in tank.

We were lucky when we bought this house, with a 10000 litre tank- that it was half full and never mentionned!

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