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16.01.2009 14:40

Renting a private flat
I have a one bedroom appartment in ZH. I have signed a rental agreement with my landlord for this. But now I am thinking about moving in with my girlfriend (Well she wants me to ;)). Can I rent the appartment that I have now as flatshire since I no longer live there, so single person can have the whole flat for himself. Handing the flat back is out of the question at this time :msncrazy:

mbaaspirant 16.01.2009 14:44

Re: Renting a private flat
Hi, Pmed you

richwinklesky 18.01.2009 09:28

Re: Renting a private flat
Is this furnished, and what is the address? I'll be moving to Zurich sometime around mid-Feb, and if it's still on your hands, and you need somebody to take it over, or sublet, I'm hoping to be there around the 8th of Feb. I'll be working in an IT position at Sunrise in Oerlikon.
[email address removed]

19.01.2009 12:19

Re: Renting a private flat
What do you mean by sublet? I am new to this renting field :msncrazy:

Scott 19.01.2009 12:25

Re: Renting a private flat

Originally Posted by Malinda (Post 384199)
What do you mean by sublet? I am new to this renting field :msncrazy:

1subĚlet http://www.merriam-webster.com/images/audio.gif
Pronunciation: \ˈsəb-ˈlet\
Inflected Form(s):subĚlet; subĚletĚting
Date:1766 transitive verb
1 : sublease 2 : subcontract 1 intransitive verb : to lease or rent all or
part of a leased or rented property

In other words, to rent out the apartment to a third party; you as the
renter; even though the contract is in your name.

Caution: You are responsible for the upkeep and condition of the
apartment when you sublet.

19.01.2009 12:30

Re: Renting a private flat
Now I get it :D

karinita 25.01.2009 03:58

Re: Renting a private flat
HI Malinda
could you tell us where is the flat? and How much is it?

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