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canyon 13.04.2009 01:48

area tips for Basel

My wife and I are moving to Basel in end of June. We will have corporate housing for 3 months, but we would like to have some tips or descriptions on areas to look for our own housing (likely a rental apartment). Preferably areas with nice biking (<10-15k) to Roche and/or public transport, close access to trails (running, MTB). Rent and tax levels may also be of importance.

On another note, is it common with garage/other storage with rentals or how does it work?



NotAllThere 13.04.2009 08:17

Re: area tips for Basel
In my view, the nicest parts of the Basel region will be the Leimental. That is Binningen, Bottmingen, Oberwil, Therwil. Have a look at the tram network - those towns are on the number 10 (and 17) on the western leg. The eastern leg gives your Reinach, Dornach, Münchenstein, Aesch, and is more accessible to the International School, if you've school age kids and you want them to go there.

Tax rates vary from town to town. Binningen is the second cheapest in Baselland. But this, combinded with being close to Baselstadt, means rents are higher.

There's various tax calculators that will allow you to calculate the different tax rates in different towns. And www.comparis.ch will allow you to compare rental cost.

This calculator tells you the attractiveness of domicile based on accomodation, infrastructure etc. Very useful.

If you rent an apartment, you usually have some storage space in the cellar for bikes etc.

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