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juice99 14.08.2009 11:33

Conforama reviews
what do you think about furniture from Conforama? i was advised not to buy from it, and instead buy at IKEA.

Prices seem to be much lower at Conforama for some goods (like tables, computer desk etc.)

So how do you compare Conforama to IKEA and maybe you know other cheap shops with furniture ?

I know about the existence of brockihouses but i mean normal supermarkets as it seems they have sometimes very low prices due to heavy sales

szhjcn 14.08.2009 13:03

Re: Conforama reviews
In the end you get what you pay for.

I would say generally the quality of goods in Conforama is lower than Ikea. Also depends on what you are buying and the purpose.

Even in Ikeas there are some good to avoid, like particle board bed frames.

But the PAX wardrobes can be good as it looks like this model will remain around for a long time so if you want to buy more later they should be availalbe and or add accessories or change doors etc.. So gives you a lot of flexibility.

The only pice of furniture I have bought from Conforama is a small TV stand. If was 49chf it is great for the purpose I bought it for (in a hurry as I needed a smaller stand that day, but didn't have the time to find something better for the right price...) and if I decide to upgrade to a better stand (was the original idea), then I can just throw or give it away.

Village Idiot 14.08.2009 13:05

Re: Conforama reviews
I only walked through a Conforama showroom once, but my impression was that the furniture was all chipboard with fake wood veneers. Ikea, by contrast, typically uses chipboard with real wood veneers.

In any case, the furniture at Conforama smacked of cheapness and looked like it would last about two weeks before it began to fall apart.

As always in life, you get what you pay for.

njusta83 14.08.2009 13:10

Re: Conforama reviews
I have a couple of things from conforama and they re still holding up. actually I prefer conformamo over IKEA, never really got friendly with the things IKEA offers. As mentioned in a post above, you dont pay that much, but if something breaks or you dont like it anymore/upgrade one doesnt feel too bad tossing or giving it away.
I ve had my furniture for 3 years now and no complaints at all, nothing broke and it all still looks good (i didnt buy the cheapest of the cheapest at conforama though). I wouldnt buy electronics there. Had a phone and within 2 weeks it didnt work anymore.

juice99 14.08.2009 13:37

Re: Conforama reviews
the problem is that you don't get what you pay for, it's just simply not true.

i just got a great laptop for 588 chf from mediamarkt, which is worth at least 1000 chf, and is usually sold for this price. you can buy it for around this in the internet...

also companies sometimes overinvest, and don't know what to do with stuff + a recession and drop in number of sales, and you have a desperate company that is just trying to stay on the market and sells things at much lower price.

this saying is especially not true in switzerland, where you can get 200 chf dinner in a restaurant that tastes like s*** and at the same time have it for 30 chf (for two people, including 2 beers! ) and it tastes ok.

back to the topic though... i think i will buy at least few things in conforama, you get 2 years guarantee i think on some of the stuff there, or at least 1 year (which is enough for me, i might not be here after 1 year anyway)

if something brakes after 2 weeks, you can take it back i suppose?

anjulie 14.08.2009 15:58

Re: Conforama reviews
We only bought two pieces of furniture at Conforama but have loads from IKEA. The thing with Conforama stuff is that the manuals on how to build together their furniture aren't really great:(. IKEA is much easier, moreover, as the others said, the quality of the furniture itself has proved to be massively better as well for us.

Goldtop 14.08.2009 16:08

Re: Conforama reviews

Originally Posted by anjulie (Post 520403)
We only bought two pieces of furniture at Conforama but have loads from IKEA. The thing with Conforama stuff is that the manuals on how to build together their furniture aren't really great:(. IKEA is much easier, moreover, as the others said, the quality of the furniture itself has proved to be massively better as well for us.

I once bought a flat-packed wardrobe from Conforama. It could not be assembled! I am an engineer and a competent carpenter. So, I could modify and assemble the wardrobe.

Subsequently, I bought some easy chairs at Conforama. They are OK.

Conforama have competitive pricing on branded goods. But sometimes the item in the shop has other specifications than advertised!

Conclusion: be very careful when buying at Conforama. But often attractively low prices.

Nickyboy 14.08.2009 19:37

Re: Conforama reviews
I would stick to Interio and Ikea products. It may be a little bit more expensive, but in the end it's less like to be poorly made.

Joolie 14.08.2009 20:30

Re: Conforama reviews
I bought my dining room furniture from Conforama, solid wooden table and beautiful black chairs .....delivered and assembled (at additional cost obviously).

Very pleased with them and a good price I think for what I got, just need to pick and choose what you buy, as said by others you get what you pay for ...and easier to arrange delivery from them than Ikea.

mavina 14.08.2009 21:08

Re: Conforama reviews
When we first arrived, friends here suggested Conforama for rounding out our furniture needs. After five minutes in the store, we were done. I had never seen such poorly designed and built garbage. Granted, my father was a cabinetmaker and I grew up working in his shop so I tend to be a bit of a furniture snob but in my opinion IKEA blows Conforama out of the water in quality. I'm not an IKEA fan but I have to admit that they do have some attractive, functional, well-designed pieces... provided you don't ever relocate them. Pfister is a step up but not far enough for the exorbitant prices, I expect a lot better quality than they have as well.

orderpower 12.08.2013 11:38

Re: Conforama reviews
Bad quality and even worse customer service. Never go there!

slammer 12.08.2013 11:49

Re: Conforama reviews
I got a good solid wood Slammer rated double bed from Conforama for a kilo and have not found reason to complain.

kiwiguy08 12.08.2013 12:18

Re: Conforama reviews
A bed and wardrobe that I purchased from Conforama almost 4 years ago are still in good shape and i was able to disassemble them and put them together again when i moved house. Putting them together in the first place was a real challenge but i had help from Papa Goose who assembles furniture on the side. The manuals were tough to understand.

On the other hand, a bookshelf and tv stand from there were a catastrophe. Poorly thought of design, instructions that defy the laws of physics. (cheap glue holding up heavy glass ). I managed to put both together but foregoed the doors to both. Both items are also wobbly as heck.

The electronics seemed to be fairly priced. Most of the units are "new" but spec wise have been available for 2 years or so. However, if you need a cheap printer or blu ray player its worth a shot. There were also TVs there that looked appealing.

I think anyone considering a purchase there needs to really inspect the way the article is built. If it looks overly complicated or requiring substantial glue....stay away!

3Wishes 12.08.2013 14:11

Re: Conforama reviews
Newbie's first post wakes up a thread that has been dead for 4 years. Yeah, he's not selling anything...:rolleyes::D

glinaa 12.08.2013 16:23

Re: Conforama reviews
The topic is still valid I guess.

Conforama is a mixed bad, and quite a lot is bad in the mix.Some of the worst crap is to be found in Conforama. I particularly despise the plastic veneer imitations on furniture. Ugly.They do however have things on both scales of the price range, including Swiss made furniture.

They often have sales, and some things are truly excellent value. Recently I got a set of solid oak sideboard + cabinet + tv bank, each weighting >70kg for a total of 1000chf delivered (discounted 70%). I waxed the wood with some quality Fidess wax and it's turning heads of everyone who visits. The single most awesome deal I made in Switzeland.

rob1 12.08.2013 17:14

Re: Conforama reviews
I got a nice oak table also for about 300chf. When it was delivered it was actually from UK.

We found a nice sofa there last week also though a lot of them are crap. Interestingly the same models are sold st the binzen mobel park at far higher prices.

Nil 12.08.2013 17:25

Re: Conforama reviews
Our L leather couch is from there. Very stylish, solid with good quality leather. It has four years old with daily attacked from 2 kids, a cat and a dog and it still look great.

TiMow 12.08.2013 17:32

Re: Conforama reviews
When we moved, it was more convenient to buy wardrobes and a child's high bed from nearby Conforama, then 45mins. motorway to Ikea.

Apart from slightly lower quality from Conforama, as previously mentioned, the other main issue, is that no basic pre assembly is done, as is sometimes the case with Ikea, so much more self assembly is required.

If put together correctly, with care, the finished product isn't all bad.

What lets both stores down, but particularly Conforama, is that their demonstration furniture is scrambled together hurriedly and poorly, probably by chimps, and can look quite shoddy in the showroom.

gata 12.08.2013 17:42

Re: Conforama reviews
Most of my furniture is from Conforama. No problems at all so far and they are all well used. Plus i got my TV from there and i cant find any fault yet

3Wishes 12.08.2013 18:11

Re: Conforama reviews
We just bought a lovely shelving unit over the weekend. It holds glasses and other barware, freeing up space in our cabinets. Not hard to put together, and looks fab.

One complaint I have is that Conforama tends to advertise items that are not actually in stock, even if you go the day the flyer comes out. You hunt around for half an hour trying to find the item, then ask a sales clerk and they say oh, sorry - it's not in stock. We can order for you, but you have to pay now and it will be here in 4-6 weeks. They're not the only store that uses this tactic to get people in the door. We've encountered it at other places too.

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