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Termite 08.05.2007 14:04

Having a property valued
What is the form with having a property you are interested in buying professionally valued? Will your average agent and or owner by happy with this? We’ve reached an impasse in negotiation on a property and our bank suggested we get an independent professional to value it.

Does anyone have experience of this?


Lob 08.05.2007 14:16

Re: Having a property valued
since you bought, did you have documents for the rentable value and the taxable value of the house sent to you?

Termite 08.05.2007 16:17

Re: Having a property valued
Sorry I don't think I was very clear in my first post. We haven't bought the property, yet, but are negotiating a price with the current owner's and their agent. Whilst they have dropped the asking price, it is still more than the banks value the property from the official paperwork, hence the impasse. It may be that the current asking price is a fair one, but it is still 50K above that which the banks tell me they would lend.

Lob 08.05.2007 16:20

Re: Having a property valued
ah - then ask them for their Eigenmietwert certificate ;)

AbFab 08.05.2007 16:29

Re: Having a property valued
The Eigenmietwert cert and bank valuation for a loan are not likely to be the market price - which is what someone is willing to pay for the property.

Property valuation will cost in excess of CHF2000 and has been covered on these forums before - try search...

smbuzby 09.05.2007 16:27

Re: Having a property valued

I had a recent expeirience of this buying a place.

The previous owners wanted more than we were prepared to offer, and what the bank (UBS in this base) suggested was a good price. However, the bank would still lend us the money. The risk to them is almost neglible when you put down a 20% deposit.

We did not buy the place in the end, but accept the bank's suggested price as no more than a guideline. Recently, buying prices have gone up, there is no escaping this. You must make the decision of what you are prepared to pay, and if the owner will not accept that offer then walk away. AbFab is 100% correct in this respect - it's worth what someone will pay. On another place I looked at, I got outbid by other people as the owner put up the place for two low a value.....

I don't know if you have a saleman in the picture here or not. In our case we did, and the saleman kept us absolutely in the picture and ended up selling us anohter place in the same road that better suited us in any case.

Good luck!!!

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