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Myth 25.01.2010 22:01

Basler Mietvertrag and Basler Hausordnung
Hi All,

We are currently living in Basel and need to leave by April end. So we need to give notice to our house. When I searched for the papers, what I understood is need to give 3 months notice. What is the method to give notice? Should we send a register post or is there any other system to be followed here?

We have two documents with name Basler Mietvertrag and Basler Hausordnung, which I guess may have the detais about notice and leaving. But they are tooooooo lengthy to type in Google and translate. Anyone have the details of this document in English?

Our house owner didn't take deposit from us, but took CHF 400 saying it as for cleaning. But there is no recipt for that. Also I heard that we need to vacate the house atleast a week before the actual date of vacating, so that the owner will do all checks and prepare the list to collect fine (GOD save me) amount from the tenant. Is that true?

Any help & tips are appreciated. Thanks.

Myth 26.01.2010 09:23

Re: Basler Mietvertrag and Basler Hausordnung
No tips??? :msnsad:

runningdeer 26.01.2010 17:58

Re: Basler Mietvertrag and Basler Hausordnung

Giving notice by registered mail is the norm. Three months is the norm, but you need to look at the details of your contract to be sure. It is from end of month typically, so you need to notify a few days before, to meet the deadline or get stuck paying for a whole other month.

Sorry do not have the docs you mention.

Not having a receipt for deposit is a bit worrying, but maybe you have a record of the bank transfer. Hope you did not give cash.

Vacating 1 week in advance seems a bit harsh, but this could be stated in your contract. Usually a the day of handover, everything is inspected, but in your intestest to perhaps do a bit in advance if you anticipate problems.

Myth 29.01.2010 10:40

Re: Basler Mietvertrag and Basler Hausordnung
Thank you so much runningdeer.

I got a model letter from internet to give notice. I took a printout and showed it to the house keeper (father of the owner) who lives in the same apartment. He speaks pretty good English too. He smiled and said, it is OK and asked me to post it to his son's address. So I did and waiting for their response.

Here is the letter model I used.


<<Name and Address of us>>


<<Name and Address of the owner>>

Basel, den 27.01.2010

Kündigung meines Mietverhältnisses

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

hiermit kündige ich meinen Mietvertrag für die Wohnung in der <<our address>>

Gemäss Mietvertrag beträgt die Kündigungsfrist 3 Monate, so dass das Mietverhältnis am 30.04.2010 endet.

Die Übergabe der Wohnung kann aus meiner Sicht am 30.04.2010 stattfinden. Sollten Sie vorab eine Besichtung zur Besprechung von eventuellen Schönheitsreparaturen wünschen, geben Sie mir bitte rechtzeitig Bescheid.

Sofern Sie mit potentiellen Nachmietern einen Termin zur Wohnungsbesichtigung durchführen wollen, stimmen Sie bitte die einzelnen Termine vorher mit mir ab.

Für eine schriftliche Bestätigung der Kündigung darf ich mich bereits im Voraus recht herzlich bedanken.

Mit freundlichen Grüssen

<<Signature with name and Address>>

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