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sw243 08.12.2010 16:21

Cant Change Insurance Policy?!?
My parents no longer pay for my health insurance and when I called up my insurer (Intras) today to ask them to change the type of policy I have, they refused saying the final date for amendments was 2 weeks ago and I cant change anything until November next year!! I simply cant afford the current plan im on. What can I do? :confused:

simonminissale 08.12.2010 16:44

Re: Cant Change Insurance Policy?!?
What franchise do you have ?
You could also try and apply at your local Gemeinde for some assistance.

glinaa 08.12.2010 17:02

Re: Cant Change Insurance Policy?!?
You cannot cancel (it is true you can only do it till the end of November), but you may increase the franchise amount to lower your primes.

Kittster 08.12.2010 17:16

Re: Cant Change Insurance Policy?!?
The time for changing is between the time where you get the rates for the next year and the 30th of November. After that, no more changes are possible, except a franchise change. So either do that or ask your parents if they'd be willing to pay part of your health insurance, depending on your age and circumstances, they may be able to deduct something from their taxes. I am not a tax advisor, they would have to check that themselves.

Chuff 09.12.2010 14:23

Re: Cant Change Insurance Policy?!?
Yeah im kicking myself at the moment... I checked comparis and im urrently paying as much for a 1500 chuff excess as I could be paying for a 300 chuff excess... and now too late to change. *kicks self* :(

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