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Wakey 27.08.2007 21:03

Travel insurance when living in CH
I am confused.:confused:
In the Netherlands, when you require 'travel insurance' you can choose different modules to build a complete package: bagage, accidents, medical costs, cancellation, assistance etc. all with the same insurance company.

Now that I am living in Switzerland, and still travelling a lot, I am looking for something similar but it's driving me crazy:

-Bagage is an extra option in my 'Hausrat' insurance
-Assistance and cancellation can be combined on one other policy
-Insurance for medical costs abroad is offered by health insurers (Krankenkasse)

Not only is it very impractical to have 3 different policies, it's also ridiculously expensive.

Don't they have the all-in-one policies here?
What kind of travel-insurance do you guys have? Any tips or ideas?

muze7 27.08.2007 23:57

Re: Travel insurance when living in CH
UBS I think combines it all, search on the insurance that you get if you choose it when you have a UBS credit card, it costs 72CHF per year. They also have a pdf with conditions online at the insurance company's web site that UBS uses.

Polorise 28.08.2007 08:41

Re: Travel insurance when living in CH
Try Swiss Google & "reise versicherung" as your search term.

Heres a page from Winterthur AXA , but there arev plenty more to choose from.

Also, not sure what you do for a job, or whether you travel for work purposes. My company travel insurance also covers me for private travel, which is a perk, would ask your employer about this.

Wakey 28.08.2007 12:00

Re: Travel insurance when living in CH
Yeah I already checked out Winterthur as I have some other insurance there, but it's useless since bagage belongs to household, and the intertours-policy doesn't cover medical costs. That means you'd also end up with 3 different policies... it seems to be the same everywhere.

UBS-insurance option seems to fit the bill, but I don't have a UBS credit card. At least I'm hopeful again that I can find what I'm looking for.

However, I'll check with my employer whether private travel is also covered - that would be great. Never thought about that. Thanks for the input so far.

xskorcho 11.09.2007 11:11

Re: Travel insurance when living in CH
I know "worldnomads" has a travel insurance but I don't know how comprehensive it is.


muze7 11.09.2007 23:51

Re: Travel insurance when living in CH
The UBS travel insurance is actually run by Elvia.


I imagine they insure themselves as well. By the way, I am still looking in the other direction, I would like a company that insures travel for work. Our university has no idea :(

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