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senseiwa 16.09.2007 13:41

Pre-existing condition [from Sicko]

I am probably moving to Zurich, and having seen the movie Sicko I searched for any "pre-existing condition" post, without any luck. It's probably a FAQ, but I didn't find anything.

In the US an employer-sponsored (group policy) insurance cannot turn down anyone because of an existing condition. How's the situation in Switzerland?

Thank you!

Blonaybear 16.09.2007 13:47

Re: Pre-existing condition [from Sicko]
For the basic insurance you will be accepted without any penalty for a pre-existing condition. If you want supplementary cover then the company will consider any existing condition.

As you're new to the forum how about posting an introduction ?

senseiwa 16.09.2007 13:59

Re: Pre-existing condition [from Sicko]
Thanks, but that brings other questions :)

Given that anyone, regardless of their health status, can get the basic health insurance plan, how does it compare to the US system?

I have read this link on comparis http://www.comparis.ch/krankenkassen...nfo_gv&lang=en, but I didn't see in any place if a treatment must be approved by the health insurance.

I read HMOs and GPs must be consulted beforehand, but in the case of the US system a family doctor recommends a treatment and then the insurance company can deny the request. Is it the same in Switzerland? Or is it just up to the doctor and the patient?

My questions may be quite naive... I am sorry about this... :msnblush:

Blonaybear 16.09.2007 14:32

Re: Pre-existing condition [from Sicko]
Generally speaking it's up to the doctor and patient. There are some special treatments which have to have approval of the insurer and the doctor has to demonstrate that certain criteria exist or alternative methods have been attempted. But, it's not something that happens very often.

evilshell 16.09.2007 15:39

Re: Pre-existing condition [from Sicko]
Unless you specifically sign up for an HMO, you will find the health insurance system here works a lot like the old fashioned systems in the US. You pick your doctors, you send in your bills for reimbursement, etc.

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