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fire1836 06.09.2012 23:52

Quality1 Used Car Guarantee

We are purchasing a used car and the dealer said we will receive a 1 year guarantee from Quality1. I am not really sure what this means as the Quality1 website (Quality1.ch) is not in English and the dealer does not speak English. Does anyone know how the Quality1 Guarantee / warranty works?

Also are there different types of Quality1 warranties that I should clarify (i.e. how do I ensure I get the most comprehensive coverage)?

Overwhelmed in Zurich!:msngrin:

I need those German lessons!

Sbrinz 07.09.2012 00:02

Re: Quality1 Used Car Guarantee
Google translate of FAQs

First Can I as an individual to fill the damage and send message itself?
No. The damage report can only be completed by an authorized garage (brand representation or garage sale) and sent.
8th see point: In a Foreign Claims
Second The declaration of loss must always be executed before the repair, there is no exception?
Yes. The declaration must always be performed before repair. If the garage does not know what exactly is broken, the approximate extent of damage can be estimated.
Third Can I start with after notification of the diagnosis? If so, what can I remove?
Basically, nothing should be dismantled, the vehicle may be connected to the computer and jacked for diagnostic purposes on the lift.
4th Copies of the service documents are always sent along?
Yes. We need this information in order to process the claims report can.
Without these documents, you get an incomplete message.
5th Can I send the damage report also e-mail?
Yes, you can scan the documents and send them by e-mail to claims@quality1.ch.
6th How quickly can I get an answer from the claims department?
You usually get an error within 15min. If you have received no response within 20 minutes, please contact the Claims Department.
Tel +41 (0) 55 254 30 01
7th Can I cover issues also write an email?
Or simple coverage issues (eg, at a 5 star warranty is included in the scope of coverage of the alternator?) Write a short e-mail (always note Garantischeinnummer).
The request shall not be considered a claim.
E-mail address: claims@quality1.ch
8th What is important in case of damage in other countries?
You must put in any case before commencement of repairs to damage our department.
Tel +41 (0) 55 254 30 01
9th There are an additional component is defective, which was not indicated on the claim.
Can we calculate this component without additional release on the bill?
No, each additional component, which comes later this must be reported in writing to the Claims Department. Released without any invoice number may be sent.
10th Can a claim be reported by telephone?
No, any claim must be notified in writing of the repair garage and before beginning repair via damage report form on.


Frank2k 07.09.2012 08:57

Re: Quality1 Used Car Guarantee
fire1836, why are you posting the same question multiple number of times?

Village Idiot 07.09.2012 09:17

Re: Quality1 Used Car Guarantee
I had very good experiences with Quality1. Read about them here:


They offer varying levels of cover, with 5* being the highest (most comprehensive). Most dealers offer 1* or 3* as their standard -- it's worth asking if they will upgrade you to 5* at their cost as a bargaining tactic. In the worst-case scenario, you can pay the difference in cost yourself.

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