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vskanetkar 14.01.2014 21:19

When can one discontinue Home Insurance
Hello - This is my first time to post a query, so If I do something wrong please let me know. That said.
I had purchased a 5 year combined home insurance. Now I have moved out of that apartment ( before completing 5 years in it) and since I have moved, I want to discontinue the home insurance too.
When I wrote to the agency they came back saying it is possible to cancel only when I de-register from Basel canton, till such time I have to have home insurance and that I need to pay the premium.

Is this correct? That once purchased I cannot discontinue the Home Insurance ( and premium payment) unless I deregister from Basel canton?

Thanks ahead for taking time to read and responding.


Guest 14.01.2014 21:26

Re: When can one discontinue Home Insurance
Do you still have your home insurance contract? Doesn't it state how long the notice period is and, if there are conditions you need to fulfill to be able to discontinue insurance, what these conditions are?

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