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SwissSky 11.08.2017 11:06

car insurance cover dilemma
Dear Forum Members,

I am in the below mentioned situation and seek advice from your experiences :

My friend met with an accident while driving my car. No third party was involved and police was not called but the car got damaged badly on the side which is surely a 10K+ fix.

Now my question is, Whose insurance will cover the cost ? My car insurance or my friend's third party liability insurance. Also, If my insurance covers it then the premium will increase for next years (I have no bonus protection cover).

What is the best way to deal with this situation ?

Thanks !

k_and_e 11.08.2017 11:13

Re: car insurance cover dilemma
in German: https://www.comparis.ch/autoversiche...es-auto-fahren

SwissSky 11.08.2017 11:27

Re: car insurance cover dilemma

Originally Posted by k_and_e (Post 2829350)

URL doesn't work.

k_and_e 11.08.2017 11:47

Re: car insurance cover dilemma

Originally Posted by SwissSky (Post 2829357)
URL doesn't work.

strange. it works on my computer.

aSwissInTheUS 11.08.2017 11:50

Re: car insurance cover dilemma
In general: The person who damaged the car pays.

Said person may have an insurance which covers the damages, if not they pay from there own pocket.

It may be that the full casco insurance of the car will pay. In case of a premium hike the person responsible for the damage would have to cover the additional cost in future premiums.

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