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gaemsbock 03.12.2017 17:58

Travel/Cancellation Insurance for Ski Trip to Norway
I am sure I cannot be the only person to be in this situation, but I have searched extensively using Google and the "advanced search" feature on the site but to no avail. If I have missed something, I would be very grateful to be pointed in the right direction.

I ski regularly throughout the season, mainly in Switzerland but also in France/Austria/Italy on occasion. Since living in Switzerland I have considered that Swiss health/accident insurance plus Rega is sufficient.

However, this year I am planning a ski touring trip to Norway in late April, which has to be booked much further in advance, and is significantly more expensive than my usual trips. I would like to have cancellation cover for this trip that covers me in the event that I (or my partner) are unable to ski at the time of the trip. In terms of travel insurance that covers cancellation, I have only found Zürich relax, but the T&Cs are far from clear if they would really cover me. Particularly they seem to refer to fitness to travel rather than fitness to ski, and I can easily envisage a situation where an injury left me fit to travel to Norway, but not to join the trip once I was there.

Has anyone been in a similar situation and managed to find an appropriate insurance?

Thanks for any suggestions.

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