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sasagreece 13.12.2018 14:18

supplementary insurance
Someone can tell me how supplementary insuranse work? How much % they cover per Treatment? Worth it?

:) :) :)

k_and_e 13.12.2018 14:40

Re: supplementary insurance
here you go: https://en.comparis.ch/krankenkassen...tzversicherung

sasagreece 13.12.2018 14:44

Re: supplementary insurance

Guest 13.12.2018 15:51

Re: supplementary insurance
Do keep in mind that if you do have pre-exisiting conditions, you will probably not be able to get any. The only older people I know who have been accepted with high risk conditions, were able to do so as part of a contract with a very large corporation. We were both turned down, for instance (over 60 with several pre-exisiting conditions. Insurances cannot turn you down for basic, but they certainly can for supplementary.

mike_n 13.12.2018 17:01

Re: supplementary insurance
If you are able to get any, it's probably not worth it. You'll pay more than you get.

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