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yarpen 14.09.2020 21:51

Car insurance: new in Switzerland

it's my first time that I have to insure my care in Switzerland. I've read many great posts on this forum and I think I understand how the system works. However, there are still some unanswered questions left:

1) It seems that for a relatively new car (1.5 year), it makes sense to have Vollkasko, Parkschaden (damages by other cars while parked), Assistance Europe (I travel quite frequently, at least I used to before the pandemy), maybe glass protection (I don't think it makes sense to insure lights as well), and the protection in case of gross negligence.

2) Since I'm new here, my insurance level is 30% which is weird because no online calculator respects my previous insurance, there's always only the option "neu in der Schweiz". At the same time, I had neither collisions nor claims in the last 5 years. Is this why I'm at the lowest tier? If they don't ask me about the length of previous insurance, it makes no sense to put me so low.

3) If I'm truly at the lower tier, then it makes perfect sense to have the protection (Bonusschatz) from going up in case of any claims?

4) Any other tricks I should be aware of? Other useful options?

I'm trying to decide between Allianz and baloise. With the former I had good experience with their EU counterpart, whereas baloise seems to have good reputation on the forum and they have a very interesting "Neuwert" option which locks car evaluation for the next few years. Even though it seems to be only for total loss and theft, it seems like a good option.

NotAllThere 15.09.2020 08:37

Re: Car insurance: new in Switzerland
When I came to Switzerland, they just asked me what my no-claims bonus was. There was no requirement for proof.

Definitely get protected no claims. We're allowed one claim a year. Although now my car is so old, at renewal I'll switch to 3rd party only.

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