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Re: Refused semi-private health insurance

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I heard private or semi-private is impossible to get without your employer buying it as some kind of group package.

We applied for semi-private when we first arrived & were both very young & healthy - were also declined (I admitted to having asthma - perhaps that is what did it).

I have had one operation in Switzerland and paid the upgrade for private - many have advised that is the best thing to do rather than pay for an extra premium each month. I believe it cost us around 5000 CHF and was completely worth it.
This. I have a friend whoís had cancer, but works for a big Pharma and she has supplemental.

Supplemental insurance is a money maker. And because of this insurers are completely risk averse. And, prices will increase as you age. But if you have it, donít drop it as you risk never getting it back. Insurers are not required to tell you why youíve been denied, but there are a lot of anecdotes.

I have only the basic. Iíve had breast cancer and two knee replacements. The key here, like the US, I think, is to luck out with doctors who will refer you to other good doctors. Iíve had private docs for oncology, gynecology. My knees were done in Winterthur, where there are a lot of assistants but everyone sees the knee Oberšrzte and he oversees all the surgeries. I stayed in a 4 person room for my lumpectomy but there was only one other person there. For my knees, I was in a two person and a three person room. The three person wasnít as pleasant. There is a new hospital replacing the Kantonal hospital in Winterthur and I understand it will be 1 or 2 person rooms.

Inpatient care is restricted to your Kanton. However, you can negotiate with your insurer and possibly go to another Kanton. Outpatient care is not restricted to your Kanton. I live in Kt Zrh, and continue to use my oncologist and gynecologist with no problems in Bern.

I donít feel that I have suffered for not having supplemental, but I imagine there can be drawbacks.
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Re: Refused semi-private health insurance

Better to be in Switzerland I think if my experience is anything to go by.
We have basic insurance, in the past 5 years I've been an overnight inpatient, also a daybed patient and an inpatient again. When I went for a pre surgery assessment before my recent hysterectomy, they discovered I had really high blood pressure and the Consultant Anaesthetist referred me immediately for 24 hour monitoring and an ECG, I had appointments for the 2 days following. As an inpatient I've been in a twin room, both times there was a curtain across the middle for privacy. When I had my hysterectomy I was on my own the second day as the other patient was discharged.

When I suffered retracted eardrums on a plane, saw a GP at a walk in centre and had an appointment with an ENT specialist 2 days later.

OH was treated by a British Professor at St Claraspital. He was also recently taken into Universpital by ambulance when he suffered a major allergic reaction to something, we had to pay 400f towards the ambulance costs but were fine with that - maybe if we charged in the UK it would stop idiots using 999 as a taxi service! He's now been referred for testing to get to the bottom of what he's allergic to. He's suffered a serious allergic shock reaction twice before in the UK and the doctors here couldn't understand why he hadn't had his allergies investigated.

When I found a breast lump back in Scotland 15 years ago I had to wait weeks for a mammogram, then another month to see a Consultant, then the cancer I had was diagnosed later than it should have been. The worst week of my life at the end of chemo was spent in an isolation room where the nurses couldn't be bothered answering the bell as it was the room farthest from their station. My OH came in every day to assist me with showering because the nurses told me "we're not supposed to help you with that now (we all have degrees blah, blah, blah)". I was on a drip twice a day and they showed me what to do if it binged because of the distance to my room. When I think back now I should have complained to the hospital management.

I won't even mention the gall bladder surgery I had on the NHS in 2014, it was a total farce as I was kept in 5 days awaiting surgery and on morphine, then told by a Registrar it wasn't being done and I'd have to be readmitted 6 weeks later (not funny if you're self employed like I was). I'm that feisty I told him to send his boss to see me, after I asserted myself my gallbladder was whipped out the following morning
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Re: Refused semi-private health insurance

I personally believe that once you are over a certain age you are just considered bad risk hence they will almost automatically refuse you.

We did challenge the decision one insurance made and got it reversed so perhaps at least call and ask and explain yourself? Often the decisions are made very quickly and you can ask to reassess.
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