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aggarwac 01.12.2008 10:57

Changing Household insurance sum
I realised with a shock recently that I am completely under-insured for my household insurance (house contence) at the moment.
I'm currently in year 5 of my 10(!!!) year contract. Does anyone know if the contract length will be automatically legthend for another 10 years or if I can demand that the current contract end date is kept?
Thanks in advance for any info.

01.12.2008 11:56

Re: Changing Household insurance sum
I increased my cover without lengthening the term of the contract and my contract length is only five years. But why don't you call up your insurance company and speak to them just to make sure they don't pull a fast one.

Smitty 01.12.2008 11:59

Re: Changing Household insurance sum
It could be lengthned automatically, it might not be. You'll need to read the actual contract.

If you struggle with the actual wording then as Nev said give them a call.

aggarwac 01.12.2008 12:28

Re: Changing Household insurance sum
Thanks for the replies.
I was trying to find out if by law I had to accept an extended contract length. I'll contact the company and see what they say, but I can imagine that as they stuck us with a 10 year contract - something we unfortuantly missed when we signed it, that they will try to force us to also extend the contract.
I'm actually married to a swiss guy, so the wording 'shouldn't' be a problem, but he is often rather unhelpful with such things with the opinion 'they do what they want anyway and you can't change it/discuss it with them...' - hence the fact that I'm trying to find out what our rights are...

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