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LFF 22.08.2009 16:10

cheapest of the cheap health insurers
My Australian cousin is moving to Switzerland to work as a Nanny and needs to have health insurence. She´s not exactly earning a fortune and the health insurence in Switzerland seems insanely high, ie it would take a massive chunk out of her earnings. She very rarely went to the doctors/dentist in Oz and had everything she needs to have done before leaving - what would be the very cheapest/most basic form of health insurence. She holds and Irish passport, if that´s any help....

thanks in advance


Aleisha 22.08.2009 16:38

Re: cheapest of the cheap health insurers
This might be a silly suggestion but try www.comparis.ch they will give quotes on all different insurers. When I was looking I found that the higher the deductible the lower the insurance. Good luck with it.

Blonaybear 22.08.2009 16:45

Re: cheapest of the cheap health insurers
Not all insurers are on Comparis so try our resident expert Jenny.

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