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pamela16 17.05.2010 16:59

Travel Insurance/Kanton Basel Insurance
I maybe should have searched but here we go anyway.....

If I don't get a job in Basel I will need to leave after 3-4 months (arriving June). I plan on having travel insurance organised to cover me for that time. I will register on arrival but does that mean I will end up paying both lots of insurance if I start work, understanding that health insurance is backdated to arrival date? I just wonder if there is any point in the travel insurance if I really don't need it. Or am I able to forget about the local insurance if I don't find work (because of having travel insurance)? Just not sure which way this should go.

Also, I will be in Basel for 7 days before I go to Scotland for a week, arriving back 1st July. Would it make more sense to register at the Gemeinde at that point, rather than when I first arrive? I get the 8 day thing....

I'm looking at the EHIC information as well, but might need to wait till I am in the UK to find out my old NHS number. If I get an EHIC card does the above matter then? As I said, it's just in relation to the first 3-4 months.

This made sense as I typed it! Thanks! :msncool:

jbd 11.06.2010 21:45

Re: Travel Insurance/Kanton Basel Insurance
Pamela, you have 3 months after your registration at the gemeinde to register to a local insurance.
Although I had readabout that backdating to arrival date, I registered to CSS almost 3 months after my arrival, and they did not charge me the 2 first months.

So if I were you, during your first 3 months job search in Basel, I would just stay on my travel insurance

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