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Re: Tony Nicklinson dies ( locked in syndrome legal case )

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as a total outsider to CH and coming from a country dominated by a 99% religion I assure you there is a big difference: in switzerland many religions are represented and - not be forgotten - about 1/4 of the population does not belong to a specific confession.
I think that might even relate to church members on paper (i.e. those who pay taxes into which church) but I'm not sure it is representative of those actively practising religion in Switzerland.

For instance, my husband still pays his taxes to the catholic church and intends to remedy this situation. He would have done so already if he wasn't so bone idle in such matters.

There is a notable decline in active church goers.
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Re: Tony Nicklinson dies ( locked in syndrome legal case )

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Sorry Odile. While the guy is clearly being "cold", and certainly the hunger strike "suggestion" is not very tasteful (no pun intended), but legally, that is what the case was about. We are talking law here, not emotions.

I don't see why you think this is the result of a heavy influence of religion. While CH is indeed ploughing a different path in this instance, can you really say that the country is not influenced by religion?
No it was not about 'killing' it was about equal access for the sick and disabled. Eg if they want to achieve something they cannot do themselves, they have to be helped. No difference as far as I am concerned, be it wheel-chair access, or computer equipment to read to write - or die. It should be the BRAIN of the person that decides, not just his/her hands, legs. etc.

Switzerland is still influenced by religion of course, it would be naive to say no. Some areas of course much more than others - I am lucky to live in a Canton where it really is not the case. But the UK Government (House of Lords) and country at large still has a State Religion, and the Monarch is still the Head of the CofE Church. And so is the Judiciary. Not so in Switzerland, which is truly a secular state, and where the religion, or more importantly, the NON religion of politicians is a non-issue. Obama was the first black President in the US, and hurrah for that. T'would be much more difficult still to have an openly atheist/humanist President, I am very sure.
In some ways, Switzerland is light years ahead. To me much more important than Sunday opening hours.
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