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Guest 28.08.2014 16:17

New documentary
Anyone interested ?

World Premiere, September 24th, 2014 at 13.00

Capranichetta Theather
Piazza Montecitorio 131
00186 Rome Italy

New documentary:Europe’s last stand – The five pillars of Islamic conquest


Sean Connery 28.08.2014 16:22

Re: New documentary
nope. Unless it's a free trip to Rome and I can skip this?

Tom1234 28.08.2014 17:27

Re: New documentary
It would be more of a laugh (and a footnote to history), if they premiered it in the Colosseum and then let the lions loose. ;)

Pancakes 28.08.2014 18:15

Re: New documentary
I'll be there! And I'll be sure to invite all my Islamic friends! :)

Seriously, though...

Shouldn't this be followed with something about the Christian invasion of the human psyche that's been occurring for the last 2,000 years?

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