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Belgianmum 23.10.2015 14:22

Serious road accident in France.

A crash between a lorry and a coach has caused the deaths of over 40 people. ( mostly pensioners travelling on the coach).

donpiedro 23.10.2015 14:42

Re: Serious road accident in France.

Reminds me of my last flight into Geneva where after landing the pilot said over the intercom: "Welcome to Geneva, the safest part of your journey is over now."

hannah'sauntie 23.10.2015 15:13

Re: Serious road accident in France.
That is truly awful, those poor people.
The report says they come from a small place with a population of only 700. Everyone in the town will be affected by this tragedy. Awful.

TheSpouse 23.10.2015 23:38

Re: Serious road accident in France.
Incredibly, my husband and I are in St. Emilion tonight on a weekend wine-tasting junket. They say the wine route between here and Puisseguin is closed so a change of itinerary for tomorrow is in order which is inconsequential, of course.

Such a sad, sad thing. I'm betting the whole region will be in mourning by tomorrow. Outside of Bordeaux, the rest of this area is very rural and tightly knit.

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