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John William 08.11.2018 23:21

Post Brexit - Britain applies to join Euro Disney
With Britain scheduled to leave the EU on the 29th March 2019.
Many people are wondering just what club does Britain really want to belong to these days ?
- as she doesn't want to leave the EU to join the European Economic Area ( the EEA )
and she certainly doesn't want to join the European Free Trade Association ( EFTA )
group of nations either.

Currently as it stands, the only thing Britain and Mrs Mays Brexit government want to do
after leaving the EU is play War Games with other European nations, who belong to
NATO against the common foe Russia.
In fact the bigger the War Game the better and if it includes Russia as the hypothetical
enemy, with Putin as the Bond style villain of the piece, then yes HMG are more than
happy to join in.

Another club that I reckon Britain should join is Euro Disney which is home to many
of Disney's much loved characters and where Britain's Foreign Minister could open
a Brexit theme park, upon Britain's entry into Euro Disney or as it's called now
Disneyland Paris.

Star attraction of the Brexit theme park - Boris on a zip wire

Here Europeans puzzled by what Brexit really means, could marvel at this little piece
of Brexit Britain, that is forever England near Paris. Where they can rediscover the
early days of Eurosceptism and UKIP from it's founding fathers of retired Colonels living
on the edge of Salisbury Plain; who's only perk is the first pink gin of the day and are
desperate to bring back the birch & national service; who hate Europe and haven't
been there since 1945.
Before moving on to a typical 'old generation' household, reminiscing about the
Good Old Days of the British Empire, rationing and steam trains, together with
the immortal Dame Vera Lynn records playing in the background, on what passes
for the BBC Home Service in the 21st century these days.

Also on show will be Jacob Rees-Mogg and friends where the Old Etonian, will be
giving lectures on the importance of having a Nanny in everyday family life, together
with Latin for beginners.

Another star attraction will be practical courses on back of a fag packet economics
and trade negotiations with the EU and the rest of the world.
Together with competitions on who can drink Canada dry, to be suitably intoxicated
for those much vaunted Canada plus, plus, plus trade negotiations.

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