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MoreCowbell 22.07.2007 06:59

Moving to Zurich from California
Hello All,

My wife and I are going to be moving to Zürich form California (San Diego area) on August 9 (assuming that our visa/permit comes through). I've been frequenting this forum for at least three months and have found a great deal of wonderful information here that has definitely helped a lot, I am very grateful that this forum exists.

A little about myself. I am 25 years old and am coming to Zurich as a Ph.D. student at ETH. My wife is coming with me and will be deciding between working and continuing her education (I realize the difficulty in obtaining a work permit/finding a job, but she is very good with people and has already made some very good connections for both work and school).

I am a very active person who enjoys almost any sport, however my true love is soccer (err, football) and my first order of business is to find a club to compete with. I thoroughly enjoy traveling and experiencing new cultures. I enjoy a good (I emphasize) beer, good music, and of course good company.

I am extremely excited about our almost certain impending move and look forward to meeting many wonderful individuals in Zurich, both Swiss and Expat.


22.07.2007 09:33

Re: Moving to Zurich from California
Welcome to EF and to CH.
You'll be hard pressed to find good beer in CH. they are all about wine and cheeze.
No worries though, I hear you can find lots of import places for your favorite.
good luck with your move, (you'll need it if you are as lucky as I was :()

dalehauskins 22.07.2007 11:22

Re: Moving to Zurich from California
Hello Sean,

All the best to you & your wife.

You're both sooo very blessed to move out of San Diego to move to Zurich!

Tschüüs & God bless,

One Love zämä!

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