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nihon 24.08.2011 14:11

Fresh on this forum, soon moving to Switzerland
Hello everyone,

My name is Nippon Alam I have just joined this forum this morning.
I am 22years old, born in Tokyo off Bangladeshi parents (hence my parents named me Nippon which literally means japan/land of rising sun:cool:) Grew up from age 1 to 14 in Milan,Italy then went to study in Sheffield,England for last 8years and recently (june) moved back from Sheffield, England to Milan,Italy. And seeking to move out again to a new place and undertake another challenge.Currently I speak 6 languages (English,Italian,Spanish,Hindi,Urdu and Bengali) and I want to learn German next to add to my list of known languages but also career related too.

My ambitions and interest are travelling all over the world, learn foreign languages and I have an extreme passion for aviation.I am currently in the project of becoming a pilot. For those who isn't familiar with this career requirements let me simply put it this way...apart from having a perfect Medical condition including near perfect eye sight and go trough very vigorous training with extensive test in physics and maths it is also required for the candidate to pay 70-100k (euros) for the course fee.

Now I am only 22 and don't have a sugar daddy unfortunately :( that's where the problems is, and my plan of coming to Switzerland came to me to learn german for 1-2year and then apply for Swiss air or lufthansa cadet scheme for which I need fluent English and German along with all other requirements.
If I am not successful as 1000s of applications each year Applys and only around 20 places are available every year.
ThenI will have to self sponsor my training, meaning I hope to save money during my stay in Switzerland and Learning German, if I get into cadet program awesome, if not let's hope when I get rejected I have enough money to pay for the course myself.

I have Italian citizenship and therefore I can come to Switzerland even today if I wanted to but to work legally I need to get a B permit I assume and that is only matter of formality as I have been told from swiss consulate in Milan that I should go to Switzerland look for jobs do interviews and when I get a job come to them show them my new employee details and apply for a B permit and it will only be formality as I am Italian paper holder.

I am new to this forum so It will take me some time to search the forum for jobs but if anyone meantime has info for me I will be glad to receive them.
I am interested in English speaking jobs such as English Call Center in Switzerland or any jobs that requires English language or even other 5 languages that I speak.

I completed A levels in England and due to extreme cost of tuition fee for uni on top I need like 70k for pilot training I decided not to pursue a degree and simply work and save up for my pilot training course fee instead.
Therefore due to my lack of degree and German/French language I guess there ain't many jobs for me in Switzerland.
Hence I am willing to do any job really even teach kids English or even do cleaning I don't mind really is all for a good cause (my pilot training fund :D)
or anything else that people can suggest me that don't require a degree.

I am only 22 but have been working from school days and I have many years of experience in customer service such as retail also plenty experience in restaurant field such as waiter. However due to my lack of languages spoken in Switzerland I guess I will be no use as a waiter even if I have all the experience.
If you have any info on companies or Job roles that do not require a degree and needs English or other language speakers please kindly inform me or guide me to the resources.

Lastly I am looking for job right now to make my move to Switzerland but I am also keen on networking and hearing from all of you interesting people and once moved I will be happy to meet all of you and do activities and social gatherings.

Thank you in advance.Ciao

Anthony1406 24.08.2011 14:31

Re: Fresh on this forum, soon moving to Switzerland
you will work YEARS to make that kinda money to pay for it yourself. High salaries =high expenses. I honestly could save more making 2500 in any other country then 5k here a month... just to let you know.

how about joining the military and have them pay for schooling to become a pilot?
I have 2 uncles who did this to become doctors (now they are a bit in the shit as the belgian army is well not so efficient and you need to "serve" for them a couple of years

proksy 24.08.2011 14:34

Re: Fresh on this forum, soon moving to Switzerland
Good introduction :) Welcome to EF
Wish you all the best


nihon 24.08.2011 17:30

@ Anthony1406
Thank you for your kind reply I appreciate very much your advice and comment.
I totally understand what are you saying and trust me I am very realistic I don't expect to save that kinda money in few years I know that. I have no idea what is minimum salary in Switzerland is or based on my situation how much I will earn in Switzerland with jobs without degree and don't even want to ask as people might turn round and say (search first n read the answer is already there) But what I do believe is that I will save surely more in Switzerland then I would in say where I am now, italy.

I have a job ready to join in September as a English call center agent here in Milan, do you know the salary I will get? €1k (CHF 1.142) that isn't even enough to liv on, accommodation cost like €600-700 and even if I slum it up and live cheaply cost of living in Milan will still come to around €800-900 so If I am lucky at the most I will be saving €100 each month. At that rate I don't think even when I reach 70 I will have enough money for the course lol.
I know you just gave an example only when you said "you will save more earning 2500 elsewhere then earning 5k in Switzerland" but I wish I could earn 2500 ere in Italy or Spain. Basic wage in Italy is 1k and in Spain is even less I have british college friend that is doing her internship there (Barcelona) and she said the locals full time workers are getting something like 700€ a month max.

Seriously now, I have plan B which is if I don't get into a cadet scheme I will pay for my course but not in Europe, course fee in Europe is 70k in Canada/USA is more like $50k (CHF 40k) now even that I won't be able to save in 2years I know but I will really try hard maybe one full time job one part time/weekend on top live cheaply and save as much as I can and the inevitable remaining amount I will have to get a quick personal loan from bank, but all this I want to do in Switzerland then in Italy because I will save more and have to borrow less from bank and same time will give me opportunity to learn german and have a crack at Swiss air cadet program.

I can't join military as you already know with your uncles there is a minimum period that you have to do in return of them training you. Don't know how many years your uncles are doing but for pilot they have rules like we have to sign a bond of 7-10years of service in army. So I will be nearly 40 when I will be able to leave army and join a civil airline.

I know I have choose a career that will be extremely difficult to achieve specially in this economic climate with no jobs on top coming from a very average family so have to save eery penny for my training is not like my parents has some saving to give me, but I am willing to take on the challenge and if any of you now or in few months come across any job vacancies or know some1 hiring or has advice to land a job in Switzerland I would be very grateful to you for helping me. Thanks in advance.

@ proksy
Thank you mate

miniMia 24.08.2011 17:50

Re: Fresh on this forum, soon moving to Switzerland
Maybe you should consider going back to the UK.
British Airways is looking for new pilots: http://www.flightglobal.com/articles...ent-drive.html

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