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girouxj13 24.09.2007 02:08

Moving to Zurich
Hello Everyone,

My husband and I are moving to Zurich at the end of October/early November - really as soon as our visa's are ready we are outta here! We currently live in Marina Del Rey California (southern Cali) - my husband grew up in St. Louis, Missouri, and I in Detroit, Michigan.

I have accepted a post at ETH Zurich where I will be a reseacher for the Crisis Risk Network (I work in the international security and development field). I will also be working on my PhD while at ETH. My husband, Jaacob Bowden, is a professional golfer and will be pursuing some golf events in

We are very excited about this move and looking forward to this next journey.

Cheers, Jennifer

Jennifer Giroux

selfexiled 24.09.2007 03:24

Re: Moving to Zurich
Greetings girouxj13,

Welcome to Zurich. I'm from the states also. I got here not to long ago. Just waiting now for my resident permit so I can stay full time. Tired of uncle sam's greedy hands. Hope you have a blast try to learn some German. Go Yanks:D

girouxj13 24.09.2007 20:00

Re: Moving to Zurich
Hey, Thanks! Yeah, I'm trying to learn a little german before I get there next month... but it's a loooonnnng road before I will be able to actually have a conversation

Cheers, J.

Thalwiler 24.09.2007 20:34

Re: Moving to Zurich
Welcome, does your husband teach Golf as well?

girouxj13 24.09.2007 23:14

Re: Moving to Zurich
Yes, Jaacob does teach. While he is not a full-time teacher, he occasionally gives individual lessons and hosts golf clinics and exhibitions when it does not interfere with his playing career. His expertise is in long drive and swing speed training but he also does short game coaching. His email is jbowden@jaacobbowden.com if you want to talk to him... if you play golf and are looking for a playing partner in Zurich or looking for some lessons then I know he would be happy to hear from you.

Cheers, J

selfexiled 24.09.2007 23:36

Re: Moving to Zurich

I have just had a read through of your Husbands site he seems very dedicated in achieving his dreams an goals. My girlfriend and I are both into golf. I must say I haven't practiced in years though but need to find something to pass the time in Switzerland. I have always disappointed in my long game. I wish the best for your family. I'll be sure to keep the site in my favorites.

dalehauskins 24.09.2007 23:37

Re: Moving to Zurich
Hi,greetings Jennifer from Hermosa Beach,

Wow...! You and your husband are totally blessed in life!

I miss Switzerland sooo much,and I'd do almost anything to get over to Luzern & Weggis again,see old friends and marry a Swiss woman;(My life long dream.).

Blessings Jennifer to you & Jaacob.

Tschüß & safe traveles,

hillseeker 28.11.2007 19:54

Re: Moving to Zurich
Welcome to Switzerland, Jennifer!

Based on some of the interests you listed (running, hiking, climbing...travelling/exploring), I expect you will love it here! :) My husband and I like to do those same things, and have reeeeeally enjoyed our time here so far. We are from the U.S. too (Atlanta), and just moved here 3 months ago.

I see you are working for ETH Zurich. A local friend of ours told us about the ETH "Polyball" this Saturday night, with lots of music groups and dancing (http://www.polyball.ethz.ch/index.php?id=9). If you are planning to go too then let me know and maybe we can meet up!


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