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Texfinn 13.11.2011 20:52

Texan considering a move to Switzerland

I have been reading posts on this forum for about a week now. Thanks in part to all of the information gathered here, my husband and I are seriously considering a move to Switzerland next year.

We currently live in Austin and have two children - a 10 year old daughter and a 6 year old son. My husband is from Finland which we are hoping will help in his search for employment in Switzerland. I should be able to transfer locations with my job but given the cost of living we think we both need to work while living there.

I do have many questions but will research the older threads for answers before starting a new thread.

Thanks in advance for all of the information gathered here.:msngrin:

jrspet 13.11.2011 20:56

Re: Texan considering a move to Switzerland
Welcome to the forum, and hopefully soon enough in CH.

Finland is a member of the EU ( since 1995 ) and citizens and can have their spouses in CH with relative ease. If unsure, research and post under the Permits subforum.

pabcbc 13.11.2011 21:21

Re: Texan considering a move to Switzerland

re Zurich, aLthough http://awczurich.org/ may appear to cater mainly for bored wives of US expats living in luxury, it is more than that with lots of different profiles in the membership.

they appear to be in Bern and Ticino too, ACA is active in Geneva

suggest to check them out as part of the research

best regards

Texfinn 13.11.2011 23:53

Re: Texan considering a move to Switzerland
Thanks jrspet! I read through the permit sticky and think I have most of those questions answered. Now I just need my husband to get a job!

Thanks to you too pabcbc! I checked out the website and it is very impressive. I had no idea there was such an organized American presence in Switzerland. We haven't made up our minds on canton yet but Zurich is an attractive option. I will be a full time working mom so most gatherings would not work for me (and we certainly won't be living the luxury of an expat package) BUT having been a lonely American living in Finland many years ago, am thrilled at idea of the potential contacts/friends.

I appreciate the warm welcome!

Texaner 14.11.2011 00:03

Re: Texan considering a move to Switzerland
Welcome from a fellow Texan. :) The forum has a LOT of useful info, but a handful of well-articulated questions in the right places can spare you some of the usual sifting and dredging.

I was 'raised' in Houston but 'grew up' in Austin - back when it was a bit ... different. :)

All the best to you and yours as you embark on this adventure!

Texfinn 14.11.2011 00:50

Re: Texan considering a move to Switzerland
Thanks Texaner! Nice to know other Texans have left this great state for Switzerland. Austin is still quite a bit different than the rest of Texas. It is a great city but still believe we should consider the move.

My husband is searching job sites now! :msnshock:

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