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D0miniquetsang 06.09.2013 14:58

Advice on looking for jobs in Biel Bienne
Dear all,

I have just moved back from a year in Florida and have moved back to Biel since my mom and grandparents live here.

I'm Swiss/Chinese but I have found it very difficult to find work here!

I have only lived in Switzerland when I was doing my BA in hospitality at an international school in Brig and I've left two years ago. I speak Swiss German but my written German is horrible since I have never taken a class in my life.

Any advice on finding a job here?

zeljkovic 27.01.2014 21:18

Re: Advice on looking for jobs in Biel Bienne
I'm about to move back to Biel myself -- what my family over there recommends is try looking for jobs online, like on this website. Pick up the local newspaper and search for jobs as well. If you have family or friends over there, ask around for connections. The key to finding any job and/or connections is communication -- the more you converse with people, the more you'll learn about the town in general. Also, one last thing -- be proactive in your job search; keep looking all over the city and keep asking around for jobs from locals or even job placement agencies as well (easier said than done).

Hope this helps, I'll be looking for work as well very soon. Good luck!

UktoSwiss 27.01.2014 22:18

Re: Advice on looking for jobs in Biel Bienne
One large company in Biel / Bienne is Rolex, another one is Swatch. Both export heavily to China. Maybe your language skills would be useful in these companies. Probably worth a look at their websites, check who to write to (HR) then send your open application. Just a thought.

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